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Find Perfect Wives on Mail Order Brides Sites

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to find a woman who’d make a perfect wife? Today, more and more single ladies are focusing on careers and their personal goals rather than invest time and effort into running houses and keeping their families together. Still, it’s not like all women are like this. Plenty of countries across the globe have more traditional values, and women are more than happy to be in charge of the household routine rather than stay at work six days a week. And the best part is — you can easily find such women on mail order brides sites and take one of them home with you.

But what if you’ve never used mail order brides websites before and don’t even know how to get started? No worries — here, you’ll find all the info you need about the brides, sites’ logic and functionality, as well as useful tips on choosing a platform that suits you personally. Stay tuned, and we’ll explain how you can find a perfect wife within a year or so.

Women behind mail order brides profiles

Today, international dating sites and subsequent marriages are not uncommon — and still, so many people think a mail order bride will marry the first foreigner who proposes to her. This, of course, is not true because marriage sites are not online shops where you can order any woman you like. Those are, essentially, dating sites targeting people from different cultural environments, and the end relationship goal on such platforms is marriage. So, you will still have to take your time chatting with the ladies and trying to charm the ones you like most. The major difference from mainstream dating apps is that you will not find any profiles looking for ‘casual.’

As for the actual brides, they will differ a lot depending on the platform you join. Some sites deal with entire continents, while others stick to just one country. Both approaches have their pluses and minuses — on the one hand, larger networks have more extensive user databases. On the other one, more extensive user databases usually mean more distraction. Besides, scouting the entire continent, like Latin America or Asia, will require more effort because you will have to keep too many little cultural details in mind. However, it’s not always possible to decide which is the best country for brides hunting, so exploring vaster regions may be a nice start.

One thing is certain, though — no matter if your bride comes from a Western metropolis or god-forsaken village in the depths of Asia, she is still a woman looking for love and affection. Unfortunately, too many gentlemen confuse mail order brides with escort services of the sort — and this attitude loses them the attention of gorgeous women who could have become ideal wives.

You may wonder why we believe mail order brides to be perfect for marriage. The answer is obvious — a woman who goes to such lengths in search of a perfect husband is clearly family-centered and not afraid of a challenge. She has the patience and the determination to work for her goals, and she is ready to drastically change her life if it means creating a happy and lasting family with a suitable partner.

Do mail order brides really make good wives?

Of course, desire to find a good husband, even when combined with patience and determination, does not automatically mean a woman will make a good wife. We, however, have other reasons to believe that the vast majority of mail order brides make excellent wives. And here are just some facts to prove this notion.

Couples formed through mail order brides sites have low divorce rates. This is one of the best indicators of why men should consider looking for wives online. When a relationship starts at a distance, people have better chances of getting to know each other — really getting to know each other, without chemistry interfering with the process. Not that chemistry is not important; but, you will get a chance to test it when you pay one of your potential matches a personal visit. The takeaway is that couples formed online last longer than couples formed locally — mostly because both parties have all the time they need to weigh all pros and cons and come to an adult, responsible decision whether they should marry.

Most foreign wives combine household chores with at least a part-time job. With all the necessary paperwork at hand, most new brides get a decent job within a year or less. So, you will not be forced to become the only breadwinner in the family. Plenty of women on mail order brides sites have excellent education and impressive careers, so if you are looking for a mature and equal partner to share the rest of your life with, you should have no problem finding a woman like that across the seas.

Some women focus on homemaking and raising children. If however, you think that you’d rather marry an excellent homemaker and take care of the financial aspects yourself, there is also such option. A lot of women from Asia, Latin America, and some Slavic countries have no problem comprising their careers for a chance at family happiness. Most of the time, it means that they come from traditional environments and are looking for the conventional subdivision of family roles into male and female ones. Such women make truly astonishing mothers and homemakers, and you will forget about household chores if you marry a bride like this.

Cross-cultural couples have fewer arguments than partners from the same cultures. This one may seem surprising, but once again — it has a perfectly reasonable explanation. When people come from different cultures, it’s a bit easier for them to remember that they are, indeed, very different. So, they tend to treat each other with a bit more caution and respect, always remembering that there might still be a cultural gap between them. People from the same country, on the other hand, often take their partners’ thoughts and motivations for granted, assuming that they think and act the same. However, even identical twins are not exactly identical, so what could one possibly want from husbands and wives? Simply put, this cultural barrier often acts as a line respectful couples do not cross and remain happy and understanding as a result.

Things to focus on when choosing a dating site

Still, choosing the first international dating site that pops in your Google search and hoping that your perfect bride is just a click away is not the best strategy. There are many details one will need to consider in choosing a dating platform that would work for you, personally. Here are the most important ones.

Website region and demographics

We already mentioned that you could choose a site that caters to a vast geographic area or a platform that works only in one country. This choice will mostly depend on your personal and romantic preferences. If you’re equally fond of Latino, African, Asian and European women (which, by the way, we find unlikely), then you may want to consider cultural aspects in the first place.

Marrying a girl from Europe ensures minimal cultural shock, and you can count on pretty much the same life as you would with a woman from your hometown. Committing to a Latino bride will turn your life into an endless adventure and will also mean you’ll probably have at least two children. Going for Asian wife will mean a lifetime of harmony and peace. African women can open up an entirely different world to you, but whether you like it, depends on you.

Most of the time, however, gentlemen choose the region with the sexiest women — in their opinion, of course. This is an excellent start, and we suggest you simply do the same. If you want to narrow your search down to one or two countries, you can simply register with a couple of sites (the sign up is always free) and sneak a peek at the user database on each of these platforms. Then, perhaps, you will decide which site has the prettiest ladies.

Subscription types and costs

Different platforms charge differently for their services. On the whole, the more specific the site’s niche, the more the subscription will cost — simply because there will be little or zero competition in the field. In other words, sites that deal with Latino brides, in general, will be cheaper than sites who welcome women from, say, Nicaragua and feature ladies in their thirties exclusively. Such a policy is understandable — if gentlemen know for a fact they want a Nicaraguan bride in her thirties, they are willing to pay more to use a platform that ensures just that.

Still, the website niche is not the only thing that determines subscription costs. Another important criterion is how long you subscribe for. Quite logically, the more months you pay in advance, the lower the cost of each month will be. Next, not every dating site even has a subscription, in its classical sense. Some charge men for every separate service they use — letters, chats, calls, etc. So, you may have to top your account balance or buy a bunch of virtual coins in advance; the logic will still remain the same, and you will be charged for every little thing you do on the website. Some even charge clients for reading the letters, not just for sending ones.

We, however, would advise you in favor of a mixed subscription type. That is, you could subscribe for certain services you’ll definitely need (like sending and reading messages) and pay extra credits for services you don’t use regularly (for example video chats or boosting your profile in search results). With this subscription type, you’ll have more control over your finances.

Additional services you may not need straightaway

When you just join the site, you are usually interested in communicating with the ladies, so it’s logical to focus on affordable communication means in the first turn. However, in the long run, you may require additional assistance from website management. This, primarily, implies help with any travel arrangements you may need to meet one of the brides in person. Make sure there is such an option because planning a trip to a foreign country is not always easy. At the very least, it requires time, and time is always precious. So, pick sites that can arrange flights, accommodation, and other travel necessities. You’re not obliged to use these features if you don’t want to, but having a travel assistant on request is a good perk.

Another important bonus we hope you’ll need in the long run is legal assistance with getting married. Once again, filing in all the required papers on your own is a very stressful experience. It is, however, possible to delegate most of this work to a brides agency and enjoy time with your lovely bride. Of course, you will pay mail order brides agency’s fee, but most of the time, the nerves you save are worth it.

Takeaway on international dating sites

There are plenty of reasons to consider marrying one of the gorgeous mail order brides. Not only do such marriages last longer and tend to be argument-free, but they also help you find the woman of your dreams. Of course, online dating requires time and energy — just like regular dating. However, its possibilities are greater and allow a chance to find fantastic life partners people would not have met any other way. As long as men stay patient and use the site regularly, most of them find an ideal bride within a year or sooner.

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