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Why men choose Ukrainian brides

Looking for a wife from abroad is a normal desire of most men. Not only Westerners are prone to that, as international marriages are so often on the global level. Today, we are going to talk about Ukrainian women, look at the online places where you can meet them, will discuss their advantages and will compare them to average American wives. 

Below are the five most exciting facts about Ukrainian brides – and you select, which is to your most liking. 

The local ladies are constantly included to the tops of most beautiful women

Pretty much nothing to add here except that it is really hard to see a woman on the street that would not apply makeup and wear nice clothes. Even for throwing garbage out!

Ukrainians do not eat and drink a lot

Yes, the cuisine is exceptionally lovely in Ukraine and eating it may cause an overdose of happiness in every sane man. The same it is with drinks – lovely wines may cause a gastronomic orgasm. Put them all together – and you won’t want to leave Ukraine, ever. But, surprisingly, hot Ukrainian women do not eat or drink too much, preferring to opt for preserving own good-looking shape of the body.

They marry not too young

If you are going to find the profiles of single Ukrainian women aged, like, 18-20, these are rather an exception from rules. Not that all Ukrainian mail order brides pursue self-realization at work but they do try to live for themselves before getting married. The latter optimally happens between 25 and 30.

They are not well-educated

Believe it or not, but Ukrainian wives, together with Russians, are the most well-educated women in the world, with literacy reaching 99.8% of the population. Everybody needs to study hard in Ukraine – that’s not even a point of negotiation.

Ukrainian brides are extremely religious

You confuse them with Russians, who have the biggest in the world number of churches per capita. Most of the young Ukrainian singles are not even religious and even those who are can easily switch from Christianity to Catholicism, in a clap of a finger (if Catholicism is your religion).

Myths about Ukrainian ladies

In addition to the facts that some of you may find staggeringly appealing to start searching for a Ukrainian girl right now, also, some of you have heard about the myths related to Ukrainian brides. Let us disapprove of those myths.

Myth 1: There is civil war here

Despite what Russia keeps telling for 6 years in a row, there is no civil war here; there is Russian aggression towards Ukraine because Ukraine doesn’t want to fall under the Russian reign again, as it was up to 1991. They did the same with Georgia and the number of those countries, which refused to adopt the “Russian peace” (funny, huh?). But as there is war, no matter in which form, many pretty Ukrainian girls wanna flee from Ukraine to seek a stable harbor for themselves and their future or existing children. 

Myth 2: Ukrainian brides are still wearing national costumes

No, they don’t. Even on large holidays, it is not common to wear national costumes. Even in the most ‘rooted’ regions of Ukraine. Today, these can be seen only on sites for tourist attraction. However, if you have ever seen national costumes, you were probably impressed with their astounding beauty and neatness. Also, some world celebrities prefer wearing clothes made by Ukrainian modelers based on national costumes (vyshyvankas), from time to time.

Myth 3: Terrible weather

It depends on what you call ‘terrible’. Yes, the winter here is a bitch and can last for 5 months. And the mid-season also steals 2-3 months additionally from nice weather. But they do have, like, 4-5 months of lovely weather and it is pretty often that all these months are good enough for having sunbaths taken outside. Beautiful Ukrainian girls do swim in the Black Sea, lakes, ponds, and rivers, and they are carriers of lovely suntan. 

Why single Ukrainian women choose foreigners?

There are obvious and not so obvious reasons for their choice. 

Obvious ones:

Not obvious reasons:

What do you need to do to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman?

The obvious first step is to make the registration on the dating sites that we show you below (or others to your liking if you somehow don’t trust the best yet so far dating sites on the market).

Then, make a letter describing your personality and character, which you are going to send to ladies to your liking in the search results. It is important to prepare one to explain as much about you as possible during the first contact. It is like your resume, only not for a job but for dating. Send it to everyone and talk to those who respond to you. It is important to highlight your benefits. But do not hide your faults. Tell the truth about yourself and reveal why a girl should choose you. But if you have something important to say from the negative side (like you’re paralyzed below the waistline or that you eat dog food at dinner), make sure a girl knows it because she might refuse you in general when she finds it out. 

Every site, that we are highlighting below, has high response rate and a huge database of girls and women amongst Ukrainian girls for marriage, so you may expect that at least 1 out of 10 girls is going to reply you in the worst case, even knowing about your downsides right from the beginning.

As your chatting will evolve and you will also video chat, you can know whether you have that ‘zing’ between you that is called ‘chemistry’. Be genuine and nice – it is important for everyone. As you’re not hooking up for one night (but it is also possible with some Ukrainian dating brides) but searching for the love of your life (which is most dating sites with Ukrainian bride heritage are aimed at), you have to feel that this person is to your liking. And it is important too that she is affected by you. Only when you have that firm ‘zing’, you should plan a visit to her country or invite a girl to yours for a vacation. 

Will a dating site help find a bride from Ukraine?

Definitely! This is what dating sites are here for. If you are persistent enough and chat with a lot of ladies, not enclosing in your shell, the chances to meet someone are high. 

The main reason for success is that users here are registered for the same and only purpose: find a match. They are ready to say a lot about their physical parameters and mental traits to make other people know about them (in a profile on a dating site). The sites also have some nice matchmaking criteria, which are based on knowledge and experience about how users match each other. This is a separate small science. So, you don’t even have to look yourself after the registration – the system will offer you some best matches right from the start (based on its understanding of what is good for you). Thus, online matchmaking is potentially able to save you thousands of hours of personal offline searches. Also, if you meet someone whom you don’t like, it is absolutely easy to end up your relations online without getting too far. Offline it would be harsher, as nobody likes dumping someone in person (or being dumped). 

How dating sites help actually?

  1. During the registration, you give a lot of information about you – as well as a girl. The fuller is your profile the better is a possible future match.
  2. A sophisticated matching algorithm is at your side to help you find the best matches automatically.
  3. It is easy to talk to each other through a dating site. The interfaces of all of those that are submitted below are highly tuned at users’ convenience. 
  4. It is possible to add people to the list of chosen so as to establish a connection with them easily, within a few clicks.

All these technical opportunities make it possible for you to ease up your life and make sure you find a great Ukrainian mail order bride.

What are the biggest advancements of dating sites that men resort to?

  1. Huge database. Collectively, over 100,000 women are registered on the given sites. You can search there not only Ukrainian brides but also ones of other nationalities (at least, on 4 of 5 sites that are represented below) if you want to broaden up your searches.
  2. Great online level. Every online location offers you from several hundred to several thousand Ukrainian brides online at any time of the day and year. Even on large holidays, it is still possible to meet hundreds of them online. Why the online rate is important? Because when a girl is online, it is much more likely that she is going to reply to you.
  3. Accessibility from any country with a free Internet. Not free-of-charge, we mean, but the uncensored one, of course.
  4. A possibility to widen your own area of search, embracing the entire world, not just your hometown, 1 state or 1 country.  

Choosing Ukrainian dating websites

Here we go now: below, we are highlighting 5 best dating sites, where it is possible to find a Ukrainian bride. There, you will be thrilled by the following advancements:

What are the best currently legitimate mail order bride sites?


Comparison: Ukrainian wives vs other wives

Average Ukrainian brides (1) compared to average American wives (2) are like:

  1. 1 consider that sex is for pleasure. The more of this pleasure is in their lives, the better the quality of life is. It is a normal thing to have 100-200 times of sex encounters during a year. 2 consider that sex is a tool for manipulating men: it is a reward when they are great and the absence of it is a punishment when a man is wrong. Most often, 2 don’t have sex because they are frigid and it is normal with them to have 10-50 sex encounters only during an entire year.
  2. Cooking is what makes a man happy. He has to be with the stomach full of delicious yummies – every day, even on a weekend. 1 understand that and cook tasty cuisine every day; no exceptions. 2 cook only when they need to seduce a man or to celebrate an exceptional advancement in their life. They do not cook when they aren’t prone to, when their head hurts, or when the Moon is in Aquarius. So when Ukrainian brides cook 365 times a year, American wives cook around 50-100 times a year.
  3. Running a house. “I’ll be pleased to make our home a lovely place to live because I love you”, says a Ukrainian lady. “I am not a help to you!”, says an American wife and demands the cleaning, cooking, and laundry services to come to her home.
  4. “Darling, do you like another glass of this amazing wine?”, says a Ukrainian bride, like, always. “Look at you, drunk pig!”, says American woman, like, always.
  5. “I wanna look as perfect as it can possibly be because I wanna my husband undress me with eyes and hands”, says 1. “I adore my greasy face, oily bun of hair, no-size sports costume that turned gray from white, as I am a person, and I don’t give a damn about your opinion, you, worm. Don’t even think about having sex with my fat feminist body, as I am not in the mood!”, says 2.

Now, how do you think, whom of the two a normal sexually healthy man from the West should choose? 😉

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